North Carolina Band Sycamore Bones Writing Original Music, Merging Musical Genres

Roots music, including folk, country, bluegrass and alternative rock, guide band making a name for themselves in Western North Carolina

LENOIR, N.C. – When Andrew Massey was struggling to get a start in Lenoir as a musician a couple of years ago, he did something a bit unusual to find folks that would join him to form a band – he posted a plea on Craig’s List.

Massey explained, “I was encouraged by Anna, my wife, to play out more. So, I started at Open Mike Night at 1841 Café about two years ago. Nobody was showing up. I made a flyer and put it on Craig’s List under the music section and that week Cory Kinal showed up. We like to joke and say we met on Craig’s list with ‘No strings attached.’” He continued, “I was excited that somebody my age was there. As soon as he started playing I knew I wanted to be in a band with that guy. We started jamming together and I went and bought an upright bass in South Carolina so we could start an acoustic band.” Read the entire article here.

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