1. Michael,
    Let us see any similar comments you made about BO otherwise consider your comments and ideas as those representative of a traitor deserving of their just punishment.

    • Mr.Utt,
      You will find no such articles or comments about President Obama because, while imperfect, he conducted himself as a professional and did not threaten our basic institutions, such as Trump is doing with the Judicial branch. So, consider me a traitor — for exercising my First Amendment rights of free speech and a free press. In calling me a traitor for exercising our most fundamental First Amendment rights, you have unwittingly made my point about Trump and his followers. I recommend that you go to the library and pick up the biography, “Samuel Adams: Father of the American Revolution” by Mark Puls. While there, read the Bill of Rights. Then, get back in touch. And, do not threaten me again, as your remarks about “just punishment” implies execution. There are legal consequences to such threats, and I will not hesitate to exercise my legal rights to protect myself from your implied threat to kill me. If you do not agree with what I write, then write in response, in a proper dialectic manner. But threatening physical retribution for simply expressing my thoughts will not be tolerated; I will contact the Authorities Having Jurisdiction. You are acting just as Trump does. Do not deceive yourself into thinking there are no consequences for such bullying tactics and threats. – MMB

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