Message Delivered: Public Schools Matter!

Rallying with teachers, students and friends exhilarating and humbling

By Art Sherwood

RALEIGH – I stood in awe with teachers, students and friends this past Wednesday when tens of thousands of us delivered a very clear message to the North Carolina General Assembly – Public Schools Matter!

That is why I am seeking to serve the citizens of Avery, Burke and Caldwell counties in the State Senate. The teachers are right! The legislature must properly fund our public schools.

Under Democratic governors such as Terry Sandford and Jim Hunt, North Carolina earned a reputation as a leader in public education. I want to help Governor Cooper restore us to that status. Participating in the rally Wednesday was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do so. However, if given the chance to serve in the State Senate, I will have many opportunities to stand proudly in support of public schools for our region and all of North Carolina’s children – through votes that restore our schools to their once proud standing.

That is why I stood with:

Teachers, students and allies from Burke County.

Teachers, students and allies from Caldwell County.

A friend from church.

In short, a mass of humanity moving forward in support of public education.

I look forward to the opportunity to stand with them again, in the North Carolina State Senate.

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4 responses

  1. Mary Theresa Gain | Reply

    The “55” movement in WV (you and your family’s home state) was the catalyst for support of education ~~across the country~~.

    1. Mary Theresa – You are so right! I am so proud to say, “Don’t make me go all West Virginia on you!” I am proud beyond my ability to express what the teachers of West Virginia have done for public schools, the children they serve, and empowering teachers in other states such as North Carolina to stand up for their rights. Our mom, who taught over 30 years in Harrison County, was an active WVEA member present and determined in Charleston during the 1990 strike. Montani Semper Liberi!

  2. Clyde and Barbara | Reply

    Hi Michael,

    So very good to hear that you once again are running for public office. The state of North Carolina will be blessed to have a man like you (and in this case it is you), in Raleigh on behalf of many needy and deserving people. I have always supported you in your political endeavors, and will be glad to do so again. so good to have you back in N.C. Since your wonderful parents have gone to be in the presence of our Lord, you are the man, (person), to be in such a place of responsibility. Our years together, in the recent past, has never left me in regards to your qualifications for such a job. My prayers go with this e-mail and will continue in the days to come for a successful run for office. Would love for you and Sarah to visit us at most any time. It would be our honor. give me a few days notice to clear our calendar. Barbara and I do have Doctors, visits and other things to possibly change, and your visit would be a change for the best. Keep in touch and know that Barbara and I will pray and trust God for His best outcome for you in this matter.

    Best regards always.

    Clyde Baird………………

    1. My dear friend, these websites can be confusing. I am not seeking office, though I am humbled by your sweet remarks. I am helping Art Sherwood, who is running for the state senate, including in Burke County. He’s your kind of man. He is a Baptist Sunday School teacher. I will call you soon, as I he is a story-teller and you all would enjoy each other’s company. Love to you and Barbara. Peace, Michael

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