Franklin Graham is Poster Child for Ending 501(c)(3) status for ‘Christian’ ministries

Evangelist is using nonprofit as a cover to turn out the vote for GOP next year

Franklin Graham’s “Decision America” tour could not be a more blatant abuse of the Separation of Church and State. Without his daddy’s name and the platforms of two “Christian” ministries, nobody would care about his bigot-filled rhetoric. It is time to eliminate the nonprofit status for churches and ministries such as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and others that misuse the 501(c)(3) status to bypass their stated purpose and instead endorse and fund political candidates.

Franklin Graham

Why? Because this is an obvious scheme. What “decision” is before America? An election! Don’t let Franklin fool you. He’s not recruiting souls for Jesus, he’s recruiting voters for Donald Trump and his stooges.

So, it’s time for grassroots monitoring of these events. Attend the one nearest you. Take notes. If he crosses that line and tells you who God wants you to vote for (likely somehow implicitly endorsing GOP candidates), report it to the IRS. And, for God’s sake, don’t believe for a minute that he represents the teachings of Jesus. Check it out for yourself.


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