Barrick Slams GOP Voter Suppression Efforts

Courts once again faced with sorting out Republican gerrymandered maps

MORGANTON, N.C. –Michael Barrick, candidate for the North Carolina State Senate for Avery, Burke and Caldwell counties today expressed outrage with Republican efforts to suppress voter rights in North Carolina.

Barrick noted, “Once again, GOP N.C. legislators have forced the courts to intervene on behalf of voters in North Carolina, according to North Carolina Policy Watch.” He continued, “Voter suppression is one of the main — and many — reasons I decided to seek the State Senate seat representing Avery, Burke and Caldwell counties. The North Carolina General Assembly needs to be working for all of the people. Certainly, the Republican leadership has more pressing issues to address than conjuring up new ways to suppress our votes.”

Barrick noted, “It was in 1870 that the 15th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified, preventing the federal or state governments from denying a person the right to vote based on their race or color. Women, of course, were finally provided with our republic’s most fundamental right 50 years later with the adoption of the 19th Amendment.

“When we still have to fight for voting rights to be protected, it’s time for a change.”

He asserted, “It is unconscionable that the people who have sworn to uphold the Constitution instead undermine it. I’ve taken the same oath and will defend it. I have the record to prove it. In 2002, I received the Plott Hound Courage Award from Common Cause North Carolina for my outreach efforts to Republican members of the North Carolina General Assembly in support of campaign finance reform.”

Barrick concluded, “That was nearly 20 years ago. The  GOP has learned nothing. I will protect voting rights from Republican efforts to gain political advantage for their handlers and enablers through voter suppression.”

To learn more, visit the campaign’s website, To contact the campaign directly, reach Campaign Manager Dorian Palmer at or 828.448.1978. You can contact Barrick at or at 828.750.5403.

Disclosure: Barrick is owner of this publication.

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