Just Write! (3)

Chronicle your own account of the Pandemic

By Michael M. Barrick

Note: This is Part 3 in a series of writing prompts from my “Community of Writers Just Write!” workshop. The series is designed to provide us a diversion from our current woes (but don’t ignore them!). Read the first installments here.and here.

Returning again to Mark Twain’s principle to “Write what you know about,” this prompt is guaranteed to fall within the category. That’s because it is about the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

This will be one of the few events in our lives that all people in the world experience together (we hope — unless it’s the end of hunger, poverty and war or nuclear weapons). Additionally, chronicling your experience during this time will not only be a valuable family document, it can serve as a collective “people’s history” of this event.

Finally, any community truly wanting to learn from this worldwide disaster to be better prepared the next time will want to include much of what can be learned from your accounts in their official reviews of the Pandemic.

FOCUSED FREE WRITING PROMPT 3  (An Important Event in Your LIfe) — The Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. Thinking about the Pandemic as of this date, what first jumpts to mind? Reflect and write.
  2. Now, jot down a list of everything else about the Pandemic that comes to mind. Allow your mind to consider anything and everything about the Pandemic. From the very personal to the global, consider the effect of this event on your life and write about it.
  3. How does all that you are experiencing through the Pandemic make you feel?
  4. Write about the effect upon the relationships between you and the people with whom you are spending time with during the Pandemic.
  5. Write about the place you are staying during the Pandemic. What have been the benefits and annoyances associated with this place during this time?
  6. How has the Pandemic affected your everyday living and responsibilities?
  7. What are your thoughts about the future of your community and world as a result of going through the Pandemic?
  8. What do you believe public officials and politicians responsible for public health and emergency management should learn from the Pandemic?
  9. What have you learned from the Pandemic?
  10. Using the first two prompts about important people and places in your life, begin your own history of the Pandemic, and if possible, keep it throughout the entire time. Then, share it with your local writing group — or us.

Take care of yourselves and thanks for reading! It is our hope this provides you with an enjoyable diversion and helps strengthen the bonds of love and mutual dependence with your family, friends and in your community.

© Michael M. Barrick, 2020. ‘Keep Calm’ Photo by Ellery Sterling on Unsplash

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