Forum Scheduled to Hear from Citizens about Pandemic

SWEET SPRINGS, W.Va. – A forum for citizens in southern West Virginia, Southwest Virginia and beyond to share their experiences throughout the COVID-19 pandemic will be held at the Sweet Springs Resort Park here on April 24 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Titled, “The People Speak: Early Lessons from the Pandemic,” the purpose of this gathering is to conduct a citizen/community review of lessons learned to date from the pandemic and publish the findings for the public and public health and emergency management agencies to add to their own reviews.

It is also an opportunity to tap into the value of storytelling in Appalachia. Storytelling is vital to processing events, especially those as life-changing as the pandemic has been. Providing people an opportunity to tell their stories will honor Appalachian folkways, provide valuable insight, and create stronger communities through the spoken word.

All pandemic protocols as dictated by the Governor of the State of West Virginia and the CDC will be in place. Additional details will be announced soon. The gathering is sponsored by Grassroots Appalachia; Sweet Springs Institute, Inc.; the West Virginia chapter of Herbalists Without Borders; and, Sweet Springs Resort Park Foundation, Inc. It is free and open to the public. For further information, call (304) 445-6636 or (304) 536-1207.

© Grassroots Appalachia, 2021


  1. TY for this information. Do you know if the conversation will have Zoom or YouTube offering? TY

    • Theresa, thanks for asking. We are recording it, but not broadcasting it live. When we release the After Action Review in June, we will include a video of highlights and interviews from the Forum. Thanks for expressing interest in attending in that manner!

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