The Bluebird of Babble is in Risk of Extinction, and that is Good for Earth

A cardinal is perched among the bird houses in the apple tree

Sarah and I find great enjoyment in watching the antics, play and competition of the birds in the ancient apple tree just outside our sliding kitchen door. Over the years, we’ve helped our grandchildren build and paint bird houses and a feeder for our flying friends, as well as the squirrels, which while uninvited, are nevertheless tolerated for their acrobatic performances.

A Red-shouldered hawk (above and below) scans the landscape

With each season, we see new flying friends, and have learned about some of their migratory patterns, habits and behavior. They provide us with endless enjoyment.

An early morning visitor

There is one bird, however, that we are both happy to see on the ground, possibly nearing death. It’s a little blue bird that slammed into a giant, invasive Musk tree. If that little blue bird of babble becomes extinct, we will live in a much better world.

A squirrel and a bird enjoy a meal

See for yourself. Take a walk in the forest and listen to the migrating birds, or find a resting spot to enjoy the beauty and incredible variety of Mother Earth’s gravity-defying critters.

As you do, it won’t be long before the focus of your gaze changes to the beauty outside the window, instead of on your overpriced phone (oh come on, you know it is!). And, you might find an unexpected guest at dawn or see a Red-shouldered hawk that explains why all the rest of the birds just went silent.

© Michael M. Barrick, 2022

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