I attempt to capture the essence of Appalachia through Folk Art.

I rotate my “gallery” of art here. I hope you’ll check in now and then.

Here is the first offering, currently hanging at Liquid Roots Brewing Project at 1048 Harper Ave. SW in Lenoir:

The Hillbilly Highway [1]

The Hillbilly Highway

The word “hillbilly” is often used in less than flattering terms. However, as a West Virginia native and life-long Appalachian resident, I consider the Hillbilly as Hero.

To many, the term “Hillbilly Highway” refers to the roads Appalachians once used to leave for the industrial north and now the Sunbelt, looking for work. I, however, takes another view. Born and raised in the heart of the Mountain State, I have traveled tens of thousands of miles along the backroads of Central and Southern Appalachia chronicling the history and stories of Appalachia. This informs his view as the Hillbilly as heroic.

Try traveling it for yourself! Doing so will allow you to slow down, see some of the oldest and most beautiful forests in the world, and make some new friends.