Wandering Feet and Mind

Another day at the office

LENOIR, N.C. — I remember vividly my first spring in North Carolina. It was in 1975; this is no small matter, as I don’t remember much of anything from 1975. Actually, what I remember vividly is the azaleas; they were not part of the landscape where I grew up in West Virginia.

So, with the governor telling me to stay in my own yard unless it’s essential to do otherwise (my wife and I disagree about whether or not a trip to the ABC store qualifies), I’ve been walking around the yard enjoying the beautiful but brief blast of colors and other signs of a Western North Carolina spring.

Now, somewhere above the Arctic Circle in northeastern Indiana, my much more sociable sister is walking around her neighborhood throwing pebbles at windows and commanding her neighbors to come out and talk with her. I assure you, they do. (I picture her carrying a tree limb as a six-foot measuring stick, but that’s purely my imagination; no way she’d do that. No way.). The last time we talked on the phone a few days back, she expressed her, um, consternation with me. You see, for a writer, sheltering-in-place is just another day at the office. By choice. She, however, actually enjoys people, and they enjoy her. So, this little photo essay from our yard is for her — and the rest of you extroverts! 

Oh. Anybody going to the ABC store? If not, no problem. I’m fine. Really. REALLY! I just have one question. If a trip to the ABC store is not essential, then why in the hell are they open?!?! Really. I’m fine.

© Michael M. Barrick, 2020

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