1. *Employ an “integral ecology.”* *1) Hum, will i get an tax break? if i married an horse. Whom mind you! gets me to and fro.* *2) I stand with you miners! I stand with you no mountain top removal! LOL*

    * Expose and work to rectify the root causes of the region’s poverty, unemployment and ecological destruction.* *Let’s start a business! Where we reap where we do not sow. Boss what if some one decides to sue? Hell, we will dissolve the business and start all over with a new name. And best of all! the reap of all and any prior venture. Never giving ( Slow process of the Justice System, etc… ) an penny back. *

    * Move concretely away from fossil fuels.* *Yeah right! see ” integral ecology” #2 Luke warm @%$&* . Tesla , theSun, ect…. Keep your Concrete shoes! I can move quite well now. * *I know you insist! hey un arm me? i do not want con OUCh. O.K. i’m moving. & Yes! i love my concrete shoes! They are comfortable, ecological, & just all around the ‘ in thing’ ! *

    *Partner with groups at the grassroots.*

    *Vatican wealth! meets grass roots. Is like when the Pope visit a city. And it’s like the poorest in all the WORLD. Yet does not leave a dime. Just the same old – well see ” Move Concretely “*

    *Hey Dude how is the move going! Keep up the work , loving it. ☺*

  2. YOU are the BEST! Thanks for keeping me informed of your important work. We are extremely hot and humid in the “southland.” Also dry. The air conditioner is working overtime. I love hearing from you and thank you for remembering me. I have passed the age of 76, so am not as assertive or involved in “things” as I once was. Life forges forth. Perhaps I should say “limps forth.” Love, Bunny

  3. […] Catholics, however, have become accustomed to their clergy – in particular the bishop – to be a prophetic voice for the land and its people. Indeed, the West Virginia-based Catholic Committee of Appalachia (CCA) has published two pastoral letters by the Catholic bishops of Appalachia – “This Land is Home to Me” in 1975 and “At Home in the Web of Life” in 1995. Both of these letters were signed by the Roman Catholic bishops of the region. So, for the last 40 years, the Catholic laity has become accustomed to its leaders standing up for the poor. Not in 2015 though. Instead, the CCA felt compelled to challenge West Virginia Bishop Michael Bransfield – as well as other Appalachian Catholic bishops – for not supporting the pope strongly enough when the Vatican released the pope’s ecological encyclical in the spring. (Read more here and here). […]

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