Fairy Land in the Woods

Nature will satisfy in this time of stress and strife

Note: This is the second in a series about Barbara Volk of West Virginia, and her adherence to the Wise Woman Tradition, the oldest healing tradition in the world. You can read the first article here.

WESTON, W.Va. — As I continue my ongoing conversations with Barbara Volk and her adherence to the Wise Woman Tradition, her thoughtful responses remind me of hiking — rather strolling — with Barbara on her farm here, or further south in West Virginia, when visiting with friends.

The time I’ve spent with her in the woods have always been leisurely, meandering and lovely learning experiences. There is simply no way I’ll ever be able to learn all that she has to teach. But I’m trying — for you, as well as me.

So soon, another installment will follow. Today, however, I am again sharing a beautiful photo that Barbara took on one of her wood walks. She calls it her “Fairy Land” picture.

That is what the heart of a child sees. So, in this time of stress and strife, maybe you can find a spot in the woods, all to yourself, to find your own Fairy Land — to rediscover the girl inside of the woman, the boy inside of the man. It’s out there, if you’re willing to brave a few spiders and thorns.

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