Jeeva Abbate to participate in Sweet Springs Sustainable Living Forum

Director of Yogaville Environmental Solutions will speak from experience, address the importance of protecting the natural environment

By Roseanna Sacco


SWEET SPRINGS, W.Va. — Jeeva Abbate, Director of Yogaville Environmental Solutions, will be presenting at the Sustainable Living Forum taking place at the Sweet Springs Resort Park from Friday, Aug. 16 to Sunday, Aug. 18. Mr. Abbate will speak about the multi-pronged approach to sustainable development being implemented at the well known Integral Yoga center dedicated to the practice of yoga and to interfaith understanding as a vehicle to world peace. 

The original founder of Yogaville, Sri Swami Satchidananda, and its current directors have recognized that the health and lifestyle of humans depends on our understanding of the deep responsibility we have to protect and promote the natural environment. 

Jeeva Abbate

Following an energy audit effectuated at the center, situated along the James River in Buckingham, Va., Yogaville began implementing energy efficiency practices and most recently, transitioning to clean, renewable solar energy.

Installing solar panels on Sivananda Hall was Yogaville’s first step in its solar initiative. The second step was building a ground solar array to power Yogaville’s LOTUS shrine, funded essentially by donations. When complete, the project will:

  • Cover 100 percent of Sivananda Hall’s annual energy needs.
  • Save Yogaville about $650,000 over the life of the system.
  • Reduce Yogaville’s reliance on dirty energy sources such as gas and coal.
  • Showcase the use of renewable energy in Buckingham County
  • Ultimately open the door to a greater solar solution to address all of Yogaville’s energy needs
Solar panels on Sivananda Hall

Mr. Abbate will be presenting Yogaville’s multi-pronged approach to sustainable development on Friday, Au6. 16 at 8:30 pm via skype under the white circus tent located on the green in the Sweet Springs Resort Park.

The Sustainable Living Forum is open to the public and free of charge. Primitive camping at the venue is free.  Food vendors will be providing breakfast, lunch and dinner options at reasonable prices. Additional attractions include craft vendors, historical stations and hands-on demonstrations.

Learn More

For additional information about the Sustainable Living Forum program or about the Sweet Springs Resort Park Foundation, call 304-536-1207, check the Sweet Springs Resort Park Foundation Facebook page or the Events page of the Appalachian Chronicle. To get there by GPS: 19540 Sweet Springs Valley Road, Gap Mills, WV 24941.

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