The Power and Majesty of Water on Display at Wilson Creek

MORTIMER, N.C. — A cloudless day in January that hovers around 60 degrees — as happened yesterday — is just too rare to stay inside. So, I drove about 30 minutes to one of Caldwell County’s natural treasures, the Wilson Creek Wild and Scenic River (more on how it got that designation in a future article). It is scenic. Wild is not in dispute either. Indeed, hikers should be experienced and capable of hiking steep slopes and negotiating treacherous rocks.

It is worth it. Meandering and dropping thousands of feet from its origin on Calloway Peak of Grandfather Mountain with cascading rapids and still pools, Wilson Creek awakens the senses and the soul.

A pool where the gorge levels off from its steep decline from Grandfather Mountain
A wonderful spot for contemplation — or swimming
Close up of rapids at the bottom of the gorge
Looking up the gorge
The power and majesty of water on display
Sun reflects off the rocks on the river bottom
Kayakers enjoy the warm day
Looking downstream
A seasonal tributary contributes its share to the creek’s flow

© Michael M. Barrick, 2020

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