We are Not Doomed, but We Should Still Enjoy the Beauty of the Moment

So I read here that West Virginia voters think we are doomed as they head to the polls. I’m just happy the electioneering season has mercifully ended.

Playing with our oldest grandchild about 10 years ago in the North Carolina mountains

We do live in perilous times, but we don’t know that we are doomed. And our children and grandchildren sure don’t need to hear it. Don’t allow yourself to live inside a head full of fear. That’s not healthy for you or anybody.

Consider the birds of the air …

Photo by Debbie Smith

Find something beautiful to get lost in …

Think of all your blessings and the beautiful marvels of the universe. This morning, I got up to watch the Lunar Eclipse. I watched it for nearly the full 85 minutes until it set, still fully covered and orange.

Photo by Yu Kato on Unsplash

Chill out. We’re sure to be doomed if we determined to be. I was not raised to think that way, so I’ll enjoy the sun and breeze with Sarah. We’ll not have our heads in the sand, but neither will we have them closed to the beauty of the moment or open to thoughts of fear.

© Michael M. Barrick, 2022. 


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